Stranger than fiction!

This was in my Youtube recommend list this morning and i thought i share it with you guy’s!


Probably a reincarnation glitch in the matrix!:rofl:

The person commentating had me rolling!
“If you saw her casually jog around a corner like this, you’d s*** your pants.” :rofl:

I remember seeing something a while back about a tribe of people that walk like this. Pretty bizarre stuff.

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needs a quad suit. there ARE costumers who make them.
humans don’t look any better doing that then they do generally.

Lol, an all terrain quadpedal. I bet her palms must have a texture akin to the soles of my work boots :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this some kind of sport she’s doing. I have seen some videos of people doing horse-stick-riding but here we talk about next level stuff.


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Next step: horseshoes!

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