stranges/aberrations reflections

Hi everybody,
i have make a rendering test on one of my work in progress…
and i have some stranges reflections in my glasses
it is the first time i have somethink like this
i don’t understand why.
lets me show you my rendering test
(my work is in progress, and i have not yet finished my materials, textures, guy…)

is it in cycles?

well it is reflecting something!
so what is wrong with it ?

happy cycles

It looks like the reflections aren’t physically plausible, the stuff being reflected isn’t even facing the windows to start with

To make it easier to see the issue, how about making the windows fully reflective?

it is extremely difficult to determine what and how things are reflected or not on reflecting surfaces like windows!
only way is to remove objects and see new reflections i think

but again apart of playing with reflections intensity or roughness there is not much else you can really do!

this is calculated by the renderer !

happy cycles

It could be something like messed up normals; or even a bug.

in cycles might be doubles or normal so to be checked at first

but don’t think it is it look nice just some reflections on the windows

but if it is bl internal then forget about it there is almost no work being done on bl !

happy cycles

something is clearly messed up. check your scales and rotations, not sure if that would affect reflections but it certainly messes up just about everything else, so worth checking (ctrl A ) check your uvs for the windows and that the uvs are mapped properly ( if they have UV) if nottry unwrap them see if that helps. basically just do everything till something works!

An issue like this could indeed be possible if you’re using BI with environmental maps, as the reflections in the environmental maps will change depending on where the target empty is placed.

To all, I’m not actually certain that he is using Cycles, because I don’t seem to be noticing any actual bounced light anywhere (any indirect effect just being from AO).

Donne nous plus d’informations pour nous permette de t’aider et d’offrir des solutions potentiels!

happy blendering

it was normal.
I made ​​a mistake in my scene … I saved one of my render and called it as one of the textures of the walls wich are not visible. So the wall texture has been changed, so my window reflected the new texture… my render!
sorry …
thank you for your answers