Some exploration I continued after a class of an introductory course in Blender I am giving in our school of arts. I was presenting to them an introduction to baking techniques. Then I continued with the mood of this room and come up with this thingy. Nothing more than just an exploration with a lot of noise.

Comments appreciated!

new version with more samples and some dof

Those are some great textures on the floor and walls especially with the green staining. A very interesting render. Is the stair case a marble texture?

Hi!, thanks.

The stains are made with texture painting with costume brushes from PS.

Textures were free online downloaded and I created a bump map in PS with the High pass filter.

The ladder is a marble free web texture.


here it is an AO render

They are good textures but I don’t think that they actually go together. There is no continuity between them.