Strategic world 3 - 8 levels. Final version.

File size: 2705 kb

Update !!!


VERY FUN! This really brings me back to the arcade days, which I never lived in…:confused: Anyways…

UP: The enemys, the enemys map, the score board, the explosions, the crumbling bricks, the sound, the save/load system, pretty much everything…except :frowning:

DOWN: I will only complain about one thing, and one thing only, THE CONTROL SYSTEM! In my opinion, the tank should be like the old arcade games, where you can only move in four directions (up,down,left,right) It would be easier, funner, and more acurate to collect coins and kill enemys. It would give it MORE of a retro feeling ( which is what I think your going for )

BUT overal…GREAT GAME :yes:

EDIT: Wow, something weird just happened, I tried to exit from the game and it pulled up exactly 178 webpages of the word F**K (WITHOUT THE *) and middle fingers covering the whole page! I hope you know nothing about this…

Meat: I’m currently looking into this issue. Something is wrong with the Python24.dll file that is packed with the game, and that is the very least that I currently know. I will let you know what I find.

All others: I advise you not to download or play this game until I have been able to find out if it is related to the strange behavior Meat has reported.

For those lazy to download like me, can we have a description of the game?

ATTENTION ALL: This game cannot be extracted with the Python .blend extractor. My best guess is that it contains a hacked .blend file (header removed) and it seems that the Python24.dll file is either fake or somehow corrupted (probably from hacking). It is apparently some sort of malware, judging by Meat_Beater’s experience, and there is no telling what other effects it may have on your computer. I recommend that you DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR PLAY THIS GAME.

Sorry about your game, bizzar thing!

Thanks for your help in solving this problem Blendenzo, it’s not like you had to. It was such a fun game though :frowning: Could he not just make a new exe. file? Or is the blend file as a whole currrupted. I’ve never heard of this…hope you can figure out a sullotion Blendenzo.

EDIT: I Guess you already explained the currupted file, nm what I asked.

If memory serves me right this is the second file you’ve post pac thats had something funky about it. hmmmm

no screenshots?

I noticed something was weird with your game so I riped it apart in notepad and found that it uses almost no blender code.
However, I noticed that the programing resembled one of my older GameMaker game, Sonic Dash. “GameMaker” is a 2D only game engine. I used to use it alot before blender. Anyways, when I compared your game code to gamemaker’s game codes I cound that 90% of the code resembled a gamemaker game.

But why would you lie to us and say it is a blender game when instead it is a gamemaker game?

GameMaker Game Engine link here:

C-106 Delta - all right, third SW© has maked on “game maker 6” for 7 days, and coding on delphy is easy way! But… Rezzor 2 in edit on blender now!

rezzor 2:

Wow your last post is almost impossible to understand and you go from, yea I lied to you all saying this was a Blender game to check out my new game. WTF!?!?

I never thought I would ever say this but, Pac you maybe the worst board member. Your files always seem to come packed with worms and lies. Its extremely disrespectful to all the other members of the board. Your content looks good, I like the art and ideas in your work but thats it.

edit: you felt the need to edit your post a month later to call me a beatch. LOL, I felt the need to point that out.

Your files always seem to come packed with worms and lies.

WTF ? I now use NOD32 and last update. Fuck you beatch.