Strategy game without the "strategy" view

Hey guys, I’m looking for a video game that has strategy elements in it - basically controlling several members at a time, dispersing them over the battle field and giving each of them a certain role in the battle. However, I’d like it if the game weren’t one of those top/strategy-view games like DotA or the like, I’m just not into this kind of view.

What made me want this kind of game, is the fact that I’m playing Dragon Age: Origins right now, and I really like the fact that I can position every player in a certain location within the map, and giving them certain commands, to attack in relation to how the fight plays out.

So basically I’m asking for a game like Dragon Age with more than 4 characters if it’s possible. Is there anything like this that’s actually playable?

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Possible? yes
Playable? yes, no problem (there are games with such features already)

Developing such a game is really a lot of work and requires a lot if solid skills.