Stratocaster Guitar (WIP)

modeled it when i first started using blender, i came back to it a week ago and put it in cycles, i got some good renders and now i’m setting up for some sort of attempt at a photorealistic scene.

this was the first scene it took almost 6 hours to render at 5000 passes

i’ll post the realism scene later, criticism, opinions and suggestions would be appreciated

rendered over night, still needs some work 7 hours 4 minutes at 4000 passes,

i’m going to rerender with a different floor texture and higher pass count tonight

good but it look good in a room but no clean room it be to fake that way try in a messy teens room

currently working on an amplifier to go with it, kind of annoying what with the trippy bevel glitches

so i changed the fretboard to maple since it’s fairly common on this body style and the texture is easier to find, i add more color to the floor though i might lighten it up more later