Hello there! Im happy to present my latest work in Blender (for the Steampunk BG comp)
Hope you like it! Its been really fun to do this


Not bad, was the smoke generated or is it a texture?

thanks! The cloud a are cubes with displacement modifiers and a scatter shader

beautiful,nice composition and lighting, looks like a painting.

Thanks Remade!

+1 Very nice work. It tells an interesting story. Mood is spot on!


Amazing artwork: colours, composition and idea. Congrats.

Wow, thank you! I’m glad you like it!

I agree. it’s a very nice, painting like render. Great atmosphere.

WOOW! 5 stars! I cannot describe how happy I am, its a great honor, thank you for your comments

So here we are 1 day later and you’re back at 3 stars. It sounds good but it is rated as average. Normally I don’t care about ratings but I started to notice a few days ago when the beautiful “The Captain by Photox” had 2 stars. I then looked what it ment and it said bad!
Later it gained another star and is also upgraded to average.
I know people don’t need to have the same taste but this just isn’t right.
People put their time and effort in it and share their work. They deserve some respect and courtesy.
You read all those wonderful comments with some minor critiques here and there and then you have a shit rating!?
For those in power here’s a tip: change the system and get rid of anonymous voting.
Some have no problem with calling something bad in the votes but I don’t see 1 comment that says " hey it really sucks, I gave it only 2 stars and this is how and why it could be better"
At least I could respect that.
This system encourages cowards.
Anyway, to Joshercrab: 5 stars coz it is excellent indeed, well done.

I’ve noticed that as well, it seems that a lot of great works are getting trolled with bad ratings. There’s no way that this is only a 2 star piece of work.

This has also happened to - Carel De Winter, HunterOfDeath and Photox. All of their work was great but yet… 2 and 3 stars? whats going on?

Joshercrab, 5 stars to you sir :smiley:

@Jamie B and @cart, thank you for your sympathy, it was sad to see the 5 stars going down haha, in a certain way, the rating is a feedback or a goal to achieve for all of us, is really encouraging to see your progress as an artist reflected on a number, stars, rate, etc; I have now 4 stars, I don’t know how this is evaluated, the fluctuations are confusing. There are a lot of works that are in the same situation, maybe a bug. Thanks for your words and support, really help and I really appreciate your 5 stars!! I know I’m walking on the right way :D.