Strawberry dessert

Hi there!
Here`s my new work, dedicated to Jamie Oliver.
Modeled with Blender 2.74 (build with adaptive samples and highlights compression by lukasstockner97)
Rendered with Cycles (8 hours on CPU i7 2600)

Wow, amazing job!

Extraordinary modeling.

Excellent work! I want one :slight_smile: 5*

Great work m8! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: One of the best renders! I cant understand why people are not recognizing the quality of work and vote for pieces like this one for example… Most comments and appreciations are for less quality works… Probably this is a personal matter of understanding… that’s why! However this piece is really good one! Congratulations Volden! 5* from me

Excellent work!!!
6* from me
One of the best works seen so far in these forum!

This made my mouth water at first glance Good job :smiley: (y)

Thank you very much. I just try to do the best I can:)

SunBurn, I`m very appreciated. Thank you all for your kind comments and feeling of my work.

How to change the node title color in Blender?

Wonderful texture work. Especially on the cake. Wow!

Nice WORK!!! What did you use for lighting? Area, hdri? any Chance for print screen?

Choose node, N-panel, Node/Label. Type there anything you want =)

Just simple emission plane.

Even better. This work will be published in 83 release of 3d Artist magazine.

Stunning v-ray, corona quality render. Cycles in the right hands is becoming a really great engine.