Strawberry milk

made with blender 2.8


I just might suggest the strawberries fall from the top (or just travel more generally in a downward direction) in the beginning and to hide the light. But nice models and effects (and music)!

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That label at the end leaves a bad feel for the whole video. Definitely the worst part of it.
I know designing a bottle label isn’t a usual task for a 3d artist, so if you can’t make it for yourself maybe ask someone else to help you out. If you mention that it’s just a pice for your portfolio they might be able to make a label for their design portfolio for free.

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I think the label would be OK if you just take the text off of it. And there is something about the lighting of the bottle that is a little bit harsh.

I still can’t get the best output from EEVEE render

Well, the fact you have a transparent material is impressive. I think it looks the best before the horizon line enters the frame. Maybe just cut the final camera rotation around 0:31.