Stray foot...

I’m rigging a robot model for a friend, and everything works fine, except for the left foot. (Left for me, right for the robot)

When I move the bone it’s vertex group is connected to, it doesn’t move properly, but scales inward. When I move the bone one step up in the chain, it doesn’t properly follow it’s assigned bone, but rotates towards the root of the bone above it in the chain, gradually getting smaller as it gets closer.

Note, this happens on the left foot only. The right is perfectly fine.

I’ve checked, and the vertex groups are just fine, and the bones on the right and the left are 100% identical, so I can’t see why this should happen…

I can upload the .blend if it’s needed.



Check that you’ve properly assigned the weights.


They all look good to me. The left and right leg are identical. …or so it seems, until you try moving the left leg.

Go into weight mode and shift left click on that area. Make sure none of the verts are assigned to two groups. That was my problem last time.