"Stray pieces" when I parent a mesh to a bvh-file rigging.

(Note: I know the rigging/animation’s still messed up, I’m inching closer to figuring that out.)

On several of my models, when I parent the mesh with the rigging of a bvh file, I seem to always have these stray pieces. They’re not seperate objects or anything. Anyway, I’m attaching the blend and hopefully somebody could give me a hand with this. Thanks in advance.

Well, apparently it won’t let me attach the blend file. Who knows why…nothing’s ever easy with this program…

EDIT: I probably should provide more detail since my blend file won’t upload. Specifically, the stray pieces show up when I run the animation. They don’t move weird, they don’t move at all. Some of the pieces are still attached to other parts of the model that DO move, causing those parts to get stretched out.

Don’t know what u mean by pieces but if it has anything to do with the mesh, All you need to do is weight paint them back. IF your bvh rig looks all messed up after parenting just import that same rig and re-target again.