I am currently working on a game project, but as part of it I am also making loading screens splash screens etc.
Here is the first one, please be harsh.
I’m thinking that something needs to be done about the engines flare, and maybe the engine cowling could do with a bit more smoothing.

The first thing I noticed is the little white specks in a few places. If you are going to use this as a splash screen, I would suggest removing the specks in GIMP or Photoshop.
The second question I had, is what the tubes are for. From the lighting, you can see that they are hollow, which is pointless on a spaceship. I would suggest filling them with weapons (eg. Missiles), or else filling them so that you cannot see through to the other side.
One way that you might improve the engine flares, is if they weren’t so transparent, or if you got rid of the black fill at the bottom of the engines, so that all you see is the flare coming out. They also should probably not receive shadows from the engines. Maybe adding a little glow in post would help too.

My favorite part of this is the inside of the cockpit, it looks really cool, like there is some guy inside, and all the lights make a really good effect. Also, I really like the blur you make, it really looks as though you are moving really quickly or something. If I could pick one thing to really really work on for this, it would be what you pointed out already, the rear propulsion system. Blender has some awesome fire effects, and if you checked out some tutorials you could make a killer awesome render. Also, the black sky is kind of boring.

Thanks for your crits, I will try them out. Unfortunatly haven’t done anything on this yet, but should have a new image up soon

Since you said specifically to be harsh… It sucks! It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I feel like my eyes are burning from looking at it.
Anyway, it’s not bad, however, I might reduce ambient light (assuming it’s space) and I little less motion blur, but other than that, it’s fine.

While I do love the idea, I would say some improvements could make me love the artwork.

From what we can see, the tubes on the side of the ship are indeed just hollow cylinders. What’s the use of them?

Even today we see everything (cellphones,cars,aircraft,etc…) as smoothed things. You might wanna set you entire ship to ‘shade smooth’ and add an edge split modifier if needed.

Your engines create exhaust gasses. They BURST out of the exhausts at ultra high speed to gain thrust. Why do I have the feeling that your parts covering the engine will melt off? Usually there is NOTHING behind the exhaust, not even when it’s visibly not touching it. advise: Remove the metal parts behind the exhaust.

A planet, spaceship, space, but no stars?

Use compositing to create the effect of fire bursting out of the engine, rather than a plastic bag being inflated.

The harsh critique: I don’t think your aircraft would actually lift off properly. There’s a lot of stuff that’s blocking aerodynamics. Your nose is smaller, but that’s it. The wings are like blocks, the 2 wings pointing upwards will do nothing but prevent air from flowing. The bottom right gun on the wing has such a big barrel that it won’t even shoot but just catch air and slow you down (if the ship manages to take off, that is.)

I see no rudder control, no rotateable engines? Are you going to drift voluntarily?

That’s all I can find for now. Good concept though :).

Happy Blending!