Stream 100 Films For Free from The Best Austrian Animation Festival

The festival will be presenting 100 shorts by filmmakers from Austria. Some are already available online. In any case, they have been carefully arranged into 13 themed programs by the curators Sabine Groschup, Laura Egger-Karlegger, and Thomas Renoldner.

On February 1, this set-up will be replaced by Best Austrian Animation’s brand-new online database — the culmination of years of archiving. Ultimately, every film ever shown at the festival since 2013 will have an entry containing information, visuals, and in some cases the entire film.

Best Austrian Animation Festival


Could you please update us here on this thread when the animations comes online. I’ll probably forget to check it out later.

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ok will do


RELEASE DATE: 1. February 2021

After the 2 weeks of the Online Animation Festival, on 1st February 2021 we will open the
BEST AUSTRIAN ANIMATION DATABASE here, at the same address:


Love the intro. Just enough awkward cringe to make it sweet. Can’t wait to see the movies.