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Ah, I see now. I don’t get any feedback. I have to release the mouse button, and if I’m in the right position it’ll then go into Ortho. Would it be possible to get realtime feedback as with the regular alt-snapping that rotate.view does?

Unfortunately no. I tried to do in realtime, but there arises problemma with auto perspective. I think I will return to this issue in the future. Now there is a lot of work and there is absolutely no time

New tool. Select loop edges between a seam edges

StreamSnapView fix for blender 2.79

Thank you very much for these great tools, I especially like the “Quick Set Pivot” one, however it doesn’t seem to work on isolated objects. Local view that is.


I keep also getting this error message in Object as well as Edit mode

Snap View update

suport all naigation

For blender Ctrl
For Maya and 3DS Max Shift

Будет ли этот аддон обновлен для 2.8? Привязка к виду и работа с пивотом это то, чего не хватает при моделировании.

А хрен знает. Я уже давно моделированием не занимаюсь, вероятно как у меня будет необходимость так и сделаю
У меня в приоритете сейчас q_p

As it turned out, I made a binding to the view 2.8))) (4.2 KB)

key fot hotkey view3d.view_snap


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Great like always.
I didn’t understand that you have to release the middle mouse button for it’s work :slight_smile:

Very cool addon! It works amazing on the side views! But by snapping to the top view, it rotates the monkey head only in one direction ( face down), no matter from which direction you try to snap. Is it maybe possible to change the top snapping, so it takes care from which direction you came from. For example, on your “gif. with the monkey head” . The money head shout be in top view, but the face of the monkey should look to the right and not to the bottom, because you was starting rotate from the left side :slight_smile:

I wonder if it would be possible to combine the functionality of this add-on with the “view3d.view_axis” operator. At this point, this operator uses six separate shortcuts for each view (back, front, top, bottom, right and left).
It would be great to replace the six keyboard shortcuts with just one, which will take into account the current angle of camera just like in your add-on,
I hope this is understandable :slight_smile:

Думаю будет полезным.Спасибо.

Yes, this is also a good idea too! I have found exactly this functionality once in " Sensei Format" addon. You press a button and it snaps immediately in most near orthographic view, without snapping during rotation. On the other hand you need an extra button for this instead one button for rotate_view+snap like now, you have then one button for rotate_view and one button for snap.

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  1. когда курсор над объектом и мы вращаемся, то объект над которым был курсор почему-то выделяется(при стандартном повороте по alt+left такого нет)
  2. почему-то всплывает меню выбора

В аддоне нет нечего что могло бы вызвать выделение. Вероятно у тебя конфликты в хоткеях.
In the addon there is nothing that could cause a selection. You probably have hotkey conflicts.

Действительно конфликт.

Hi Darcviser, you know I love your addon all of them :wink: can’t imagine work without border occlusion or snap view not talking about the others,
there is something bothers me a little in sanp view it work only on Y axes I have some issue with the other,
I know it’s a old thread hope you still can fix this one

Hey! Nice to hear, thank you!
When I made this addon I didn’t know how to solve this problem, but now I’m used to it and I don’t see the problem.
This is exactly the result you will get if you select view-> viewpoint-> top. That is, this is a real top view for a blender.
But I think it’s worth taking a look, maybe I can find a solution to this problem.
But I don’t promise anything.

Hey cool :slight_smile: thanks.