*Streaming* Blender

thanks, this looks interesting!

There is a way to run opengl applications via any remote desktop solution (included win 10 one) and it’s adding some dll file in the right place. In the case of blender you need to download this file and place inside blender’s directory: https://download.blender.org/opengl/software-emulation/

however this is just software emulation, and while it will at least allow you to run blender, it will be super slow. Better than nothing however, sometimes I just need to change some blender setting for my render slaves, so that’s good.

Parsec might work for remote openGL, according to the documentation it should work on most recent NVIDIA cards (>=GTX 650).

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As an alternative to Paperspace, I have also found Shadow, which might be a better option if you use it a lot. It is 30 euro/month for unlimited usage, with a GTX 1080, 12Gb of RAM and 256Gb of storage. Otherwise it seems very similar to Paperspace, but I haven’t tried it yet.

just tried it… it’s a BOMB. I am currently using blender from home on my office computer and the way the viewport responds is unrecongnizable from being actually in front of the workstation. The visual quality is not perfect, it’s quite compressed, but perfectly usable for most tasks. I am also curious to see how this handles longer distances.

However I cannot believe the difference with anything else I’ve ever used before.

Thank you a lot for the info, this might be a game changer for me :slight_smile:

anyone knows what happened to nimble collective?

their website is constantly down… https://nimblecollective.com/

reviving the topic from the other one, check this out:
I think it’s out in beta now, but it should be officially launched soon