Street at night

Another personal project… tried to focus on composition and lighting/mood.
Rendered in Cycles, composited in Krita.


I like it! Great mood, lighting and composition. Are the cobbles 3d or a texture? Impressive work!

Love this image sadly it is a bit to convey a story from this angle, but the mood and colors are great! I envy the rain I tried to make rain a couple times a couldn’t quite get it this looks great!

Thank you guys, I apprectiate your feedback!
The cobbles are geometry, created with the displacement modifier. It was needed because I wanted puddles between them.
For the rain I used a seperate render layer, it’s just a particle setup with long-ish drops and motion blur.

Really impressive ! the composition and the colors are awesome !!!

Really nice image, all we need is a blue umbrella in there and it will be really rocking.

I think this is the perfect example of how a 3D render can take it behond photorealism and actually be better than a regular picture.
I would definently frame this and put it on the wall.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!