Street Bot Soccer


This is my first project.
It is about robots playing football (some kind)

At the moment it is only beta. But i would like some feedback (gameplay or graphics or programming)

Instructions are in the text readme.

This game is also about AI. You can play against the computer (it is not yet really an AI).
You can write your own.
If you’re interested read readmeAI in the text window. I hope it is clear enough but you can still ask questions here.

I tried to use Python a lot.
Here is the file
and here is a screenshot:

Any comment or suggestion welcome!


OK sorry blender doesn’t recognize properly python here…
So your library imports don’t work…


your game looks but it’s to understand how it works

You should put in a txt file which is open at the beginning what the keys for controlling the things are
You could have made the effort to switch to the camera view from the begining

So I far it seems that you used too much scripts for what is done
Also, you should increase the ball’s damping (it keeps moving/rolling for a too long time)

When the ball enters a goal, nothing happens.

keep courage though, and that’s very good for a first project