Street Cat #1 - Honda NX650 Dominator tracker mod

After more than one year of working on this project in my free time it’s time to call it done.
Inspired by countless custom trackers all around the globe, this is my take on a Honda NX650 Dominator mod.

Modeled in Blender, rendered with Cycles. Textures were mostly done in Substance Painter and Designer,
also used a few freebies from and Poliigon.
There’s almost no post work in Photoshop thanks to Troy Sobotka’s filmic OCIO configuration
-> if you haven’t used it - do it now!

Here you can find some of the awesome bike shops that inspired me with their beautiful motorcycles:
Cafe Racer Dreams
Ton-up Garage
OC Garage
Kiddo Motors

I guess most of you are familiar with CynicatPro’s pbr videos.
Since I learned a great deal from his tutorials, I named the bike Street Cat #1 to pay my tribute. Also, cats rule.

Thanks to the awesome TimoShch, I also took my first steps in rigging thanks to this thread,
where he not only does a great job explaining various technicalities when rigging a motorcycle, but also shared his rig for free on blendswap.

You can find more info and wires on my wip thread, here’s the ArtStation link.

I’m planning to upload the untextured model for free on blendswap and CGTrader, will keep you updated!


Superb images, loved your work, 5 stars from me, i wish there were more stars to give you.

Image n.2 is really effective. My favourite.
Mostly because I’d prefer those kind of high contrast looks on studio sets rather than on a RL scene.
I like a lot your work on details, when I’ve seen the welds on frame my eyes popped out boosting my interest.
Very nice also how you succeeded to make the orange turn lights’ glass shader so nice in this specific rendering.

I’m a bit undecided about gas tank.
While I like how the strong orangy color pops out, I can’t really understand if its shader is realistic or not cause I’ve never seen something like that in RL. Is there some reference where you took inspiration for the gas tank?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks! Reference was a brushed, worn out aluminium tank with some layers of clear coat. I def. agree with you on the disputable realism but liked it anyways :smiley: Finishing this project, I’ve learned that there comes a point when you just have to say it’s finished. Everytime I looked at it I found more and more pieces that I wanted to make better or different…

Here are more:

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Wow! great stuff. I’d agree that the #2 render is the best.

That’s the one I’ve spent the most time to setup :slight_smile:

Great Work - Robocyte!!!
Wonderful environment, colors, and lights. The renders are like from Magazine! In my opinion, this project deserve to be included in the Gallery row! 5*

Many thanks ivaydesign :slight_smile:

Perfect work, the modeling, lighting and rendering are awesome. Good job!

Thanks foxrender!

Wow, incredible amount of details you put in there!
As already said by others, i think too image #2 is the best, for some reason i feel subjects usually are better looking when the “front” is toward the right side of image; also #5 is really good.

Few maybe silly questions:
the colour changing around the welds in the exhaust tube was done with a brush doing at same time weld+colour or in a separate pass? Welds were painted in 3d view or 2d? How many texture sets (4k?) to cover the whole motorbike?

Thanks mik.a.!

Welds were painted in Substance Painter in 3d with the welds brush from substance tools ( - the colour change is one of the tools’ features.
I’m not in front of my Computer right now but I think I made about 11 texture sets, ~8 of them were 4k, the others mostly 2k and a few smaller utility maps.
Many of the smaller pieces were textured procedurally

Back home again, here are 2 more:

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That one year of work certainly paid off!

I think that you achieved excellence in that project.

Thanks Brazucka!

Here are some images in final render resolution (3840 x 2160). Although I still had to convert them to jpg they are better than the heavily compressed versions I posted first:

Hires 1
Hires 2
Hires 3

Beautiful…so much more to appreciate in higher resolution

Thanks heavypoly!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayaaaang son! Great work!

Thanks Joey :slight_smile: