Street Cat #1 - Honda NX650 Dominator tracker mod

As promised, HERE is the file containing the motorcycle model. What I can’t share are most of the materials since I’ve used external textures, instead I replaced most of them with a simple clay shader. The bike is rigged for minimal posing (with widgets made by TimoShch), no advanced stuff really :wink:

Have fun!

Absolutely amazing stuff - great work!

Thanks a lot EddieCGI!

Amazing work.

Great work, your work can get 5 star :slight_smile:

Wow- that is some awesome SubD work- Thanks for sharing! What is your general workflow for the mechanical components? There is so much crisp detail and so many faces that need to be organized and clean.

Awesome work. That’s really an impressive bit of hard surface modeling.

Thanks everyone for the kind words :slight_smile:

parel - you can find more info on the modeling process in my WIP thread, see post #17.

Thats a very sick model! hats off sir, great job

Thanks rombout!

wow cool 70s style Nx you should send it to Honda for their next retro bike then they can use up those XR 650L motors…

If I had Money I would buy a real version… again coooool bike

Such great attention to detail and surfaces.

Thanks guys, really proud that my bike is in the feature row!

Wicked Cool !!!

lovely Model & Awesome Detailing (Y)

There are only two things I could point out, and they’re quite picky.

The bike looks too small on the image against the cobbles. I don’t know if your dimensions are physically accurate, but it looks off. (I’ve just looked at it again, and actually, it’s probably about right. It’s maybe the lack of other objects to visualise scales.

There should always be slack in a bike chain to the read wheel. You would have a small amount of sag over the top, and more underneath. As the chain drive sprocket cannot always be in a direct line with the pivot point of the swing arm, the length from drive sprocket to wheel sprocket changes through the range of suspension travel. So as you add weight to the seat the suspension compresses and the distance between the sprocket centre points increases and the slack is taken up. So there should always be slack.

It’s something I notice on every bike render. It’s actually a really dangerous thing. Had I not been a bike mechanic in a previous life I’d never notice.

So both very picky, and one possibly just my eyeline. Otherwise it’s jaw dropping. Many stars and smiley faces!

Someone finally spotted that I forgot to take the slack in the bike chain into account… :wink: On the other issue: The cobblestones were sized after a reference image, so they should be plausible, but some kind of visual anchor would be a great addition to that specific render I guess!

Hey that’s friggin awesome.
looks like one of those super artist guru’s from artstations front page haha :slight_smile:

Thanks Tad :slight_smile:

I bet there are some people out there that would like a 3D printed version of this. It’s pretty sweet!