street corner

Well, here comes a render I made.
I was searchin for a good atmosphere, and I hope I made it so tell me what you’re thinking about it.
I know there is still some problems with my texturing skills which need more trainings so C&C&A (… and advises ^^) are welcomed.

Rendered with Yafray.

i love gorillaz, i have the album with the jeep on the cover lol
take out the poster from gorillaz that acessoire make the scene unreal
try a diferent texture in the boxs , imitating old paper and some crap arround, i´ve never seen a street so clean like that one
edit-- almost forgot, the scene is great

For the most part it looks good. The railing on the stairs has no verticle support at the corner of the landing. The lamp over the door could be more luminecent. The door its self has no handle in which to open it with. The window on the wall doesn’t seem to actually have a window, or it’s been opened from the inside, perhaps add a cross bar or some shutters or something. I like the textures you’ve got so far, not much I can say there. Keep up the good work.

Looks more like a back ally shot then a “street” shot, but I’m just being criticle =)

Well, this damn gorillaz texture is there because I wanted to make something “not clean” but it true than i should have add some more meshes of beer can, paper and so one but I was too lazy :-?

Damn, i have just figured out that is always start my posts by “Well”.

For the railing it was made on purpose not to put some verticle support.
And how can I make this lamp more luminescent ? I tried to put an halo but it was far too luminescent and I didn’t like that.
Yeah, shutters is a good idea, thanks !

And for the title, just look at my signature and replace “spailling” by “vocabulari” it works also :slight_smile:

Just image someone trips and graps that railing and falls flat on there face cause there was nothing to hold it up, it would just get ripped out of the wall. But hey… I can’t force you to change it =) does the surface of the bulb it’s self have any “emit” settings to it? or is there a lamp inside it?

the electrical or phone wire seems a bit thick…

Ok Khnum you convinced me :), I didn’t wanted to change it the first time you told me because I wasn’t sure to understand what you told me in fact.
But it seems clear to me now.
And yes the ball has a “emit” value of 0.150. And there is a “spot” inside with an energy of 0.800.

Thanks for the help.

Overall, everything is very well done. Lighting is great for an alley.

Everything seems to be very clean though. Textures need dirt and rust, etc. That is what you would expect to see in an alley. And, as you said above, some cans, papers, etc. on the ground would help here too.


My biggest problem is that i used some textures found on the web for exemple on the brick wall. But i had to repeat this texture 6 or 7 times to have a decent size of bricks. And so there are some problems at the jonctions of those textures (look closely at the right brick wall).
Is there a simple way to fix this ?

Indeed thanks everyone for commenting my work, it improves my motivation.