Street Dude

Hi guys,

It’s been a very long time since posting on these forums.

Here is my latest project. For lack of a better title called “Street Dude”.

Unfortunately there are still so many little things I could/should make better, however, at the moment I don’t have time to continue working on this character.

I would love and appreciate all feedback and critique.


Basemesh from Blender, sculpted in Zbrush, retopo in Blender, Textures in Substance Painter, rendered with Cycles.


Great work!

Love the texturing on this, very well executed!

His thumbs look a little oddly proportioned to me though? They seem to taper towards the tip too much…

I hope you can find time to do some more work on this in the future! He would look great positioned in an urban scene! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jamie B.

this was my first time really texturing a character so I’m glad it turned out somewhat decent, although I think it could have been much better still.

Yea I think his hands still need some work as well as his shoulders, I think they are too big at the moment.

Had a bit of time to try and fix the hands. I also changed the render a bit and added a couple more views.


Looking better :slight_smile:

Did you modify the shoulders at all? the proportions look more accurate in these new renders :slight_smile:

The thumbs still look a little off to me, but they are definatley looking better than before :wink:

@Jamie B Yes, I also changed the shoulders slightly.

Here are some renders of the topology.


The pectorial muscles attaches under the deltoid.

In your side view it looks like it attaches further up. Also some lines at the deltoid that looks odd, the bottom half of the bicep should also be more relaxed. Also he wears women’s jeans, but this might be intended. Otherwise it looks good. :slight_smile: