Street Generation from Edges

This Blender script generates very basic street like geometry from the edges of a user created base mesh object.

Created for Blender 2.90, but it might work for older versions, I didn’t verify jet.

If you find bigger bugs, I will try to fix them. You are welcome to criticize bad coding patterns :wink: But I most certainly will not find much time to add new features. It was more a hobby side project to learn a bit python.

The script itself: (55.4 KB)

I’m not quite sure where to put the script in the List of addons that work with 2.8 Thread. I’m thinkin of Functionality or Modeling - HardSurface


Thanks for sharing the addon!. I think best is in Modeling - Hardsurface.

Thank you, I will do so.

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thank you :+1:

Very nice and useful for all kinds of quick 2D shapes, aside from streets, like a 2D version of the Skin modifier. :+1:

It pleasantly reminds me of the Fat Lines script for MoI 3D:

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Thank you for sharing.
I tried such a script few years ago and failed :slight_smile:

Maybe we can find a way (by adding modifiers after object generation) to alter the street object’ shape using the original edges object. I’ll try Hook modifier.

Well I tried it! I think Hook modifier might help. I used “Hook to new Object” on “Edges object” with 1 selected vertex. Then I selected the empty, then the generated “street object”.
In edit mode, I selected the verticies around the same vertex (result of you bevel I guess) and used “Hook to Selected Object”.
By doing that, I was able to move an empty and change the shape of both objects.
Empty is generated at the original vertex position and controls both objects related verticies.
If I want another “street object” I can use the newly shaped “edges object”

I’m not sure if this is the best way of doing this. There might be better ways.

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Really useful tool!
I have a feature request,
can you make the rest of the path subdivide-able as well?


Cool!! Useful :slight_smile:

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