Street in Toulouse

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share my latest project - Street in Toulouse. It’s my personal approach to a customer based job I had to do in the past few weeks, I decided to fine tune the scene a little bit and give it more raw and natural look.

Literally all 3D CG stuff was made in Blender, rendered in Cycles and applied some color correction in Photoshop.

Each shot was rendered with some volumetric effect for better atmospheric feel. An average rendering time was 1h 20min with 1600 x 1100 resolution, 1024 samples on a single GTX Titan X. The scene consumes around 3.5GB Vram

A wirefrime:

Color correction steps starting from the “beauty pass”:

If you’d be interested in getting the scene, it’s available through chocofur store under this link.

I hope you like it and if you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


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Great scene lechu! As always :slight_smile: Volumetric here gives really cool atmosphere :slight_smile:
5 * :wink:

If I did not know that it is 3D, I would think it’s a photograph.
Awesome work!

Fantastic work, nice neighbourhood.

great art! maybe car looks too clean but generally it’s pretty awesome!


Hey, thanks for your comments and appreciation :slight_smile:

oh, jee! Amazing job! Simply perfect! I like it so much!