Street Lights Of The Future

This is part of a larger project I maybe embarking on. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about futurism and what the future tech may be like.

One thing that seems obvious to me is street lights.
In my city they are very few LED street lights and they stay on all night! Which to me seems like not only a waste of energy but you miss out on the beauty of the stars.

My solution?
Flexible, Solar Powered, Motion Censor, Smart lights: They can be remotely controlled to bend and get the most solar energy, They only turn on for motion of pedestrians or cars, The light communicate with each other and fade on depending on direction and speed so you can always see a little ways down your path.


good idea & nice design, this will be great project if it was in real life

Heres another pic

more use cases.
Just some ideas.

Hi, nice project :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing other futuristic city objects.

Looking great so far,
can’t wait to see the rest of this project.