Street Racers Animation (Approaching Completion)

Beginning from October 2018 until now, I was working on my vehicle animation called Street Racers. I’ve worked on modeling the scene in detail, rigging the vehicles for the animation, the visuals and more. The animation takes place in a real life location in Portland, Oregon, US so I tried to make it appear identical.

I am planning to release it before Easter.

Here is my progress.

Also, here is my teaser animation released in December 2018 (Note that I’ve made changes throughout the project so it will look slightly different).


Looks so good! Hope to see more soon.

UPDATE: I have bad news.

When I was expecting to render the scenes on SheepIt RenderFarm, I received a message, ‘You cannot add a project because you don’t have enough points’, which is a problem because my GTX 970M takes ages to render because of the use of trees with translucency included, memory limitations and because of the time limit. I currently have almost -600,000 points and it was my only hope of completing the animation quickly.

The alternative RenderFarm called GarageFarm.NET didn’t help much either since I was on a limited budget of 50 credits and I’ve wasted the credits by rendering the wrong scene, which was a mistake.

I was planning to make it approximately 3 - 5 minutes long, but due to issues, I have no choice but to shorten the video, abandon the full completion and present with what I currently have.

Here is the preview predicting how it should have looked like:

Here is the unfinished project:

I had to complete it in a rush since I’m doing it for my media course.

I also found out that I can’t trust Sheep It RenderFarm as my default Renderfarm as it didn’t render my animations properly as I encountered flickering and to deal with this, I have to re-render. But since I can’t do that anymore, I will be moving on from Cycles Animation with 3 years experience to UE4 for the foreseeable future.

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how much $$ do you need to render the project?

I’m not sure. But I don’t want to pay for a Render-farm since my budget is limited.

Calculate it and let us know, maybe we can help. seems like a shame to spend all this time working on it and not being able to do the final render…

I’ve estimated the render price using the Render Street Calculator.

3rd Scene:

  • Frames : 530
  • Estimation Time of Render: 15 mins
  • Cost: For On demand, CPU = $174.40 while GPU = $130.80

4th Scene

  • Frames : 1580
  • Estimation Time of Render : 20 mins
  • Cost: For On demand, CPU = $693.23 while GPU = $519.92

5th Scene

  • Frames : 1250
  • Estimation Time of Render : 15 mins
  • Cost: For On demand, CPU = $411.33 while GPU = $308.50

However, there is Renderstreet One for $50 a month

Yikes that is a little above my helping out budget! haha, Let me send you a DM…

Did you make some tests with Eevee ?

Yes, but it doesn’t look realistic and the shadows don’t look right.

Too bad ! It could be a perfect solution in term of rendering speed…

The rendering speed was still slow though. I would have rendered with EEVEE earlier but I didn’t discover the problem until this week.

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You have the same speed problem with Eevee ? It’s incredible because I’ve just made some render speed test with Eevee and when a render with cycles take 10 min, it take 10sec with Eevee on my computer !

It’s just that my time is limited since I have to present my animation for the course before Friday, so it’s already too late.

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Nice work, nice modelling, good renders, but did you have to stitch so many pictures together for your first image in your first post, it takes up so much room on the BA page!

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

It’s not that long. If I were able to post renders over 5MB instead of having to put them together to decrease size, then it would be longer.

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Bro, on the 1st anim the brake caliper spins with the wheel and its NO GOOD cause the whole brake should stay in place! Other than that the anim looks good and the car with the rain drops looks FLAWLESS!

Sincerely, JayM

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I already know this issue. It’s just that I didn’t know how to make it still at first, but now I know.