Street Scene(Dont have a title yet)

This is based off of a random pic i found off the internet:
Comments are appreciated.

is this supposed to be a game model? If not, then I suggest modeling more of it than texturing.

With the shadows the bush is projecting on to your building in the background. Either the building is tiny or the bush is massive :slight_smile: Also the texture on the wall is the wrong way up and shows the bricks casting shadows up and highlights coming from below. But I do like it. Nice feel to it.

It’s verry basic, but the concept is right. For most of everything I know of, you CAN use subserv to get a beter result, even with solid meshes. Try to use more diverent light positions, to get beter shadows.

I was trying to fake distance, because in the picture the buliding in the background looks pretty far off.