(Madrid82) #1

Blender 2.72 Cycles render. 100% resolution, 3000 samples.

This is my last project, a Cartoon style environment inspired in Manhattan. I hope you like it.

(kiliankoe) #2

The cartoon style of the car, stairs, windows and trash can are really fantastic. I’m really enjoying the atmosphere here, great work!

(Koumis) #3

Wow it has a kind of pixar feel. Cartoon look with great depth, i really love it!

(mStuff) #4

The atmosphere and stylization is just superb, top professional ! I can see how much work went into making this, very inspiring !

(ShadowCamero) #5

Wow! Nice work.

(Madrid82) #6

Thank you very much to all by your words, I am glad you like it. And I am very grateful by your comments. Thank you very much friends.

(SKworld) #7

wow… so awesome!!! :eek:

(mik.a.) #8

Beautiful! Only critic are the tree branches: with a subsurf modifier they would look much better i guess.

(Ryusani) #9

remarkable :slight_smile: love it …

(juanrav) #10

That is a good job

(polygobblerr) #11

Really nice work! Everything about this image is great, colors, composition, lighting, materials. How long did this take to make?

(Madrid82) #12

Thank you very much friends: SKworld, Ryusani, Juanrav I am glad you like my work, thanks!. Mik1190 thank you very much for your comment. Yes, the branches have not got subdivision surface, perhaps with it they would look better. Polygobblerr thank you very much by your comment. I made this work in six weeks, and the render 38 hours.

Thank you very much to all.

(Vera.M.J.) #13

Impresionante trabajo Sergio!. Excelente calidad, parece un fotograma de una película de Pixar, me gusta mucho este estilo cartoon-realista. Felicitaciones!

(Remade) #14

inspiring very detailed the curb(kerb)stone procedural material?

(Mir) #15

Five stars! Very professional looking. Gorgeous work.

(Modron) #16

this is great. I can’t help but think it would be cool to have a cat or something in there somewhere, but it certainly doesn’t need anything.

(Ryeath) #17

Outstanding! This has got to be one of my favorite pieces so far. Such a nice charming feel to it.

I only have one critique on it. As I am scanning through the image looking at the details on the buildings I get to the left edge and there is nothing, just a thin grey edge past the last building. I think in a city if it was the last building you would then see the next block, even if it was out of focus. I think just a few blurred cubes to indicate the city doesn’t just end at that street. A small minor critique is all and nothing to worry about.

Well deserving of it’s top row position. 5 stars from me.

(Hansen) #18

BEAUTIFUL WORK! As soon as I clicked on it, I thought “Pixar.” The stylized deformation, textures, and color palette are superb. If I could suggest one thing, it would be just a little more light or some more vibrant colors. However, that’s a small critique. This is an excellent image in every way.

(tyrant monkey) #19

You nailed it 100%.

(JDaniels) #20

It’s been said that good art is pretty and makes you want to visit the place once and move on. Great art creates a place you feel you could live in the rest of your life. This piece is great. So bright and cheery and nice, yet with enough realism to ground it and make it accessible, which is actually a tricky balance to achieve. You did it marvellously. =)

Congratulations on feature row, and here are my 5 *'s. :slight_smile: