streetlamp scene

hooray it’s me again! :slight_smile:

And I brought a lamp …again. Hm… maybe I got some secret obsession I don’t know about yet. ^^

Anyway, this is just a scene I’m working on when ever I get bored from trying to get some character modelling skills up and running :wink: (not that I’m particularly good at non-character stuff either %| ).
It started as a (still) very simple lamp. Then, for some reason, I added more and more stuff to the scene and ended up with what you see. So far.

I’m not actually seeking any specific help yet, it’s just not very far developed. :slight_smile:
Though, if you do have some thoughts to share, I would certainly appreciate it. =)

I like the old feel to it. Not sure yet, 30’s or 50’s?
Would be great if you can add some gangsters on the scene.
With these rifles with the large round clip.
Could it be that the glass with the bulb in it is not really straight?

Very nice. I like that you added grass in the little grove in the curb, and the objects reflected in the store window. Nice details.

Very solidly modelled. I hope the textures match the quality you have here. Nice attention to detail too.