Fanart of Axel from Streets of Rage.
One of my favorite games when I was a kid.

I started using Blender 2.8
I’m loving it, I’m still having a little trouble adapting to the interface, since I’m used to using Maya.
But I’m doing my homework and studying how the Blender interface works, I don’t want to switch to an interface compatible with the industry, due to the tutorials that are mostly with standard Blender commands.

I did the modeling in ZBrush, and used Blender to paint the textures to make the materials make a small background, lights and render the scene.
The real-time view port is amazing.
I really liked the painting system, but I would love to have more options for Bruses and Alphas like on Substance Painter.
And it would be great if we could paint several textures in layers in the same material.
I also did a little animation of the character in an idle position
For that I used the Blender autorig system.

I also documented the entire process in a narrated video time lapse. The main focus of the video is my modeling process, which was done in ZBrush, but the technique can also be used in Blender Sculpt Mode
I already played a little with Sculpt Mode and found it really incredible, again I had a little difficulty adapting due to the custom with other commands. :thinking:


Great job! Axel looks tough! haha. I am really looking forward to this game being released!

Also glad to see another Maya user jumping onto the Blender train. :slight_smile: Kudos to trying to stick with the Blender control scheme, I still have a few bumps I run into on the Industry Standard. I just hop back and forth too much between packages and I like them all similar.

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Yeah he really do look tough :laughing: I also can`t wait to play this game, I keep trying to find couch co op games to play with my wife :sweat_smile:

To be honest I start my jorney with Max 7 them I jump to Softimage (my favorite one, sadly dead :sob:) them I start using Maya which has been years now.

Then I start to hear some things about a new version o Blender, so here we go again :sweat_smile:

I`m really enjoying my time with it :blush: