Stress Games BGE Conest Entry

Hello, My name is Alex and my entry is called Stress Games

The category I wish to enter with this game is Logic Bricks and Gameplay

The game is based off of a flash animation I made almost two years ago by the same tittle. The story line of the game is of a boy named Grim who ends up getting sucked into his game console and experiences his favorite games first hand.
(YouTube Link : Original Flash Animation)

My goal is to parody a hand full of game genres by putting grim through some of history’s most memorable games.

I am very hopeful that I am able to include at least one other style of game before the deadline for this competition.

Here is a download of the First Person Shooter WIP:
(8.32MB No-Sound)

The controls for this level are A, W, S, D, Space, and the left and right arrows on the keyboard


I like playing my game with my Logitech Dual action gamepad similar to this one: :wink:

So those lucky enough to own one of these bad boys, please feel free to use it. Also I would like to see if the gamepad of YOUR choice works with the game.

I need LOTS of feedback regarding the AI is it too fast? difficult? easy? I look forward to hearing from all of you! :slight_smile:


Sounds, and looks good.:yes:

Thats a pretty good idea for a blender game, good luck!

The gameplay of that level is O.K., but it was a bit too hard for me to see, and the bullets went right through the other guys head.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Minifig for your feedback. I’ve redone the lighting in the game to make it brighter over-all; Also I’ve added the ability to hit Thor in the head, getting him pretty angry in the process.

What about difficulty though, is it too easy to beat?

I actually found it quite hard.(I still haven’t beaten it yet)

-Anigma- > Wow, I’m really impressed!:eek: The FPS level is nice, but a bit difficult (it takes a long time to kill the ennemy). The design is really good. Are you using GLSL? The flash animation is really good too:) Continue the good work!

Thanks for the compliments vicmax! I decided not to use GLSL because most of my friend’s computers can’t handle it yet. :no:

Here is a .blend of the intro scene. This file is complete with sound so if you don’t hear anything or it isn’t synced up with the action, please let me know!


haha this is so cool, you managed to create a FPS with no python script, nice work around :wink: cool game btw

Awesome intro, best in game animation for the BGE ever. Seriously. Best. Ever. If there were an animation category in the competition you would win hands down against anything else before. Except maybe Hellstation… But that doesn’t really count

any chance for a cheat? :stuck_out_tongue: