Stress maps: does this file work for you?

I’ve came across this page on the Blender wiki, but the source file doesn’t work here at all:


Does the file works fine on your machine?

The Softbody calculation has changed, don’t know whether it was a bug before.

There is an empty inside the sphere with a negative strength, that strength has to be positive. And than you would have to change the softbody parameters (push/pull/friction/choke), because of the wobble.


Thank you SoylentGreen!
Didn’t noticed the empty at all…

can you upload a working sample fiel with proper values

would like to experiment with this enw type of stres mapping

intereating for some applications

Thanks aprrecaite your help

Stress on cloth makes great smoldering smoke effect like from a cigarette.


anybody has a working file for this effect ?


Hey, here’s a version of the original test file that works with the latest version of blender. Hope it helps.


sb_stress.blend (90.6 KB)

ok tell me how to make it workr?

you do Alt-A to build the animation then play it?

or what else do i miss here ?

This is something new in blender and looks very interesting to show mechanical stress

would be nice to see some applications

we did not see much of this type of texture in forum yet !

also can you see results in on render frame or do you ahve to do a AVI video file to see results?


Thanks ZombieJohn!

@ RickyBlender: yes, ALT + A to cache the simulation, then render one frame around the 30th to see the result.

Thanks i can see the different render when showing some different frame

now one thing here when i do ALt-A i can see a little counter going from 0 to 90 and reperating itself continously !

is it normal that it repeat itself in so many cycle - i had to stop it with Esc Key?

then i was able to see render for any frame

i 'll try to do an AVI and see the little video that must be fun to lok at!

is there any way to add up some texture to this or change the color when it’s going
along the frames?