Hey I’m sure you all know now but I am only 13 along with many members of the forum and I lately have been dealing with so many things such as taking care of my mother updating my website keeping up with school and honestly I can feel the stress building up. I always thought that when you hear about teen stress at first you think oh those are just people who can’t take it or aren’t organized but now I know what it’s like. I feel like I just want to scream some times blender relaxes me but alot of times if i mess up it makes it worse so what are some good habits or hobbies or tips.

You make your mother update your website?


LOL NO!!! My mom went into surgery last monday and she can’t move or pick up stuff for like 3 weeks. Like hell I let my mom update my website it’d be like cooking for dummings or something. If my websites shit it’s my shit hear me? Lolz jk anyways so how’s that supposed to help my stress eh! This a joke getting me all hyped up I SHOULD SUE YOU BUB! Lolz ok really just kidding I’m just bored waiting for a reply at the campus post.

get a girlfriend… mine helps me with stress

What ever you do dont tell this to your doctor. He will have you eating Riddlin and Prozac within seconds of your arrival.

Stress is part of life, get used to it.
Other wise you will have people dictating everything to you, because you are too stoned from the drugs the doctor will give you, to cope with reality.
Be strong, learn blender… make a video game… just do something… Dont sit around or you will get depressed and stressed.

wow njortc get a girlfriend…did you notice i’m only 13? Oh and i’m not that stressed out I just need something to relax while doing. Any suggestions besides the ones i listed?

i had a girlfreind at 13…

I think 13 is way too young to waste his/her childhood on things like that. Unless you’re from India or something where they get married very young, and… bleh. Stress isn’t a “reason” to find a girlfriend. I don’t think there should have to be reason for a girlfriend. If you like somebody, you like somebody. No “reasons”. Just think positive and have faith.

Also Vincimus, I noticed you said the doc said you’re mums condition would be better in three weeks. This is a good example of what some stress can be like (sometimes) no matter how old you are. Sometimes stupid stuff (no offense to your mum) comes along to mess you around, and sometimes the best way to beat it is to just batton down the hatches and ride it out, especially if you know its temporary. Do what you need to do for now, and a month from now, things will be a bit better, and you’ll have a chance to relax and recover a bit.

Getting a girlfriend will only increase stress, most of the time. (Especially breaking up (and especially when the girls friends are the ones that get made at you!))
My advice to relieve stress, and what I do: listen to music all the time, don’t think about being stressed, meditate (not like the religious thing, it’s basically just chilling for a while, look it up), play some video games, read, write, blender, chat with friends, etc, etc.

I know the feeling :frowning:
Playing an instrument generally helps relieve stress in my experience; whenever I get stressed I just hammer away on the pianey for a bit :smiley: Writing music helps too.
Another thing you could try is taking on a large project, could be a Blender one or could be something else like writing a book. That’ll normally help take your mind off any stressful things as you concentrate on making progress.
Good luck :slight_smile:

dude, I know a couple people that got laid when they were 10. njortc is right tho, it helps alot.

The best thing to combat stress is to simply do more things.

Might sound weird, but if you’re always busy, especially if it’s with things you enjoy, you won’t have time to even realized that you’re stressed.

To combat stress i usually draw stuff, if Blender sometimes stresses you and you want to chill, get a sketch book and do some drawing, even if the drawings aren’t that good it’ll help to just get some ideas down on paper.

Even better if your upset and stressed write some poetry and remember to keep it for a few years im 29 now and recentlly found some poetry from when i was 17 gave me a good old chuckle.

Thing is, not to get too serious about everything. after all as bill hicks said “It’s just a ride”

My sympathies as well i know what it’s like to have a parent dependent on you at a young age it can feel really heavy, try and get some extra help to relieve you of the burden so you have time for yourself.

get laid! i am serious btw

when i get stressed…


that is probably not the best thing, you could try drinking fizzy drinks and rubbing lemons in your eyes (i wouldnt try the lemons if you still want to not be blind)