How do you handle stress?

Just take it easy, but maybe work doesn’t let you have 5 seconds for a break?
I’ll never have a job like that. I hate feeling stressed. I’d just work at home or something, some sort of work that doesn’t mean coming all stressed taking boiled eggs for breakfast with hundreds of cars on the way being worried if I’m 5 minutes late. I’d do something which would give me more liberty… But it’s your job, not mine.
You may take tea, but not much, because if you take a lot you might not be able to sleep well. Believe it or not, water is very effective.

Stress causes me to concentrate harder, work faster, and solve problems better!

However, it also causes me to frown and squint when looking at a computer screen, swear under my breath and mutter to myself…

If you like your job and the people you work for, you’ll need to let them know that this job is having a detrimental effect on your health. They’ll be sympathetic, at least - and may be more understanding.

Take holidays, save the weekends and evenings for yourself/your family/friends, and get a pet :wink:

Stress squishies. Relaxation of your muscles (one by one – contract them first if it helps). Use your breaks for non-computer-related activites. Stand up and take a walk, just don’t walk in circles. Go drink water. Talk to someone. Breathe deep. Do the eye relaxation thing (close for 30 secs, stare at the farthest object for 30). Take Linden (Tilia) tea. If it’s too hard to handle, see a doctor for anxiety-related help.

Read the stress-management article in the wikipedia.

Other than that, the best you can do is to try and think in terms of the things you like about your job. Think of the parts you enjoy and try to savor it. Find your optimal rythm – it’s definitely somewhere past “laid back” but clearly not at the “working hard and in a hurry” keep it. That’ll make you feel better and increase your productivity…

Or… you know… whatever works for you.

I had once a stressful job. No anti-stress excercise could help me. I would say that you try to find another job before this job will breaks you down.

Or you could start drinking and smoking. That would really help.

Several strategies:
Call in sick
Call in that my kid is sick
Cover my desk in paperwork then surf the net or Blend when no one is looking
Go outside and chain smoke until I can’t breath
Go hide
Remind employer how little they pay me and to be happy with what they get (did this once and got away with it)

Sex. Lots of sex. Preferably while at work.

Hmmm, you must work for the Interior Department…

I like the calling in sick one!

Freddie!? . . . as in Freddie Mac? No wonder you’re stressed out!

Read lots of Dilbert cartoons? I dunno…

Get some non-computer related hobbies. Take up something like an art class, where you know you can get away from it all, with people you (get to) know.

I have my job as a maybe 4th priority in life. So it’s not that bad . … . ring the home time bell, and I don’t even think about it.

I have the simplest solution: Don’t go to work.

Hmm, but how do you handle the stress of not having a job then? No job = no income = no food/shelter/anything


I let my dad handle it. :smiley:

you could try yoga on your work desk, search it in youtube, haven’t tried it yet though,