Stretch marks when using Shift-E

Hi All,

I downloaded Blender the other day and did the chess piece video tutorial. It was my first proper completed model so I’m quite pleased with the result. One thing I had a problem with though. When I used shift-e to change the angle between 2 sections, I noticed later that this caused what can only be described as stretch marks. They were lines extruding from the surface (spherical) and they seemed to be perfectly spaced. When I took the curve back to normal they were gone.

Is this just something that happens or is there a way of preventing this?


Does it still render ok or is it just the 3d view?? If it shows up in the render as well then w->remove doubles and ctrl-n recalculate normals outside.


Thanks for the replies.

Still no luck. There were no doubles to remove and ctr-n didn’t fix it.

This is a snapshot from the renderer. If you look carefully you can see that the circle where the base from the sphere connects to the extruded circle isn’t perfectly circular.

Also, I’d like your opinions on my accuracy of the pawn piece as it’s my first completed model.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.


Did you sharpen the edge? edge sharpening can have that effect.

I’m only new to the program, so I’m not sure if you’re referring to a particular tool, but I did use the shift-e function and made the edge much sharper. Is this what you were referring to?


Instead of using the crease (shift+e) tool you might get better results if you place two edge loops closer together. Either,

  • do an extra extrude as you make the model from scratch or,
  • Use shift+e again to remove the crease (to a value of 0). Use ctrl+r for loop cut and place it near to the base where you want the crease.