Stretch object across another object.

Best metaphor is like taking wire and wrapping it around an object, the wire conforms to the shell of the object; can it be done in blender? I’m trying to make a band that holds a sandal on a foot, and i’d like the band to lie on the surface of the foot without passing into it. Unfort this foot was modeled in Zbrush so it’s in no shape to have sections extracted. Plus that wouldn’t allow for psychics to distort the band.

there are tthree tools you could use

1 - the retopo

2 - the shrink wrap modifier

3 - you could also use bezier curve of surface to lay it on the surface then
apply extrude but may be easier with the 2 other

check the wiki page for more dtail on how to apply theres tools


You can use retopo tool. Here is an article about it on blender wiki.

Awesome, thanks guys. :smiley: