Stretch rig problem.

I made, a character with stretchy rig, but i have a problem to setup it ( i saw few tutrials ,also mancandy faq) ,but all the time i get some very strange deformation’s i don’t really know what i do wrong , so i need Your help. This character is for promotion ,product’s in company where i work, and i really need stretchy rig, but i have this strange things .
Here’s the blend that contain’s a leg of my “spidercamera” .

p.s sry for my english
This also happen on regular “human” rig.

Blend file----->>>

Hi Rangiz,

That’s a cool looking character! I can’t wait to see it in action! :smiley:

The problem you’re experiencing is a result of dependency cycles from the way you have your stretchy bones setup. If you refer to your terminal while rigging it will notify you of any dependency cycles you have. The other way to know you have a dependency is when the rig doesn’t want to go to it’s home position when you right click to cancel a movement…

Anyways, I’ve attached an example of how I would handle a stretchy leg setup for your little guy there. It is based off of the mancandy FAQ, but is quite different in some respects.

Notes about the setup:

  • each IK chain bone is parented with connected
  • each Stretchy chain bone is parented with connected
  • Stretchy Constraint stretch option is set to none
  • Stretchy Bones have little “s” selected (next to deform) so they do not inherit scale from their parent
  • Stretchy B-Bones are segmented for smooth curvature
  • The IK bones are each targets for the Stretchy Bones
  • An extra bone is added at the end of the IK chain as a target for the last stretchy bone. This is instead of using the IK target as the stretchy target, in which case the last stretchy bone would stretch indefinitely, and wouldn’t look very good.
  • Both chains can then be parented into the body.
  • You can increase the distance the leg is able to stretch by increasing the stretch value for each bone (default is 0.001). Just make sure you set them all to the same value or you will get uneven stretching.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I’ll do what I can to help :slight_smile:


Stretchy_tubeLeg.blend (456 KB)

feelgoodcomics- Ooo! That’s superb, it’s much better than setup from Mancandy (it’s just faster to setup) ,and it work’s just amazing, one more time many, many thank’s!

Offcourse ,when i have some animation’s of this “little guy” i post it and will inform You of this fakt .