Stretched UV's when projecting a rectangle from view?


I unwraped a subdivided rectangle via the “project from view” option. For some reason, if i activate stretch view-> area the rectangle is shown in an orange color (indicating its stretched?) and it shouldn’t. I already applied all scales and rotations via the ctrl+a command and i projected the uvs from a perpendicular view.

Any ideas of what is going on?

Post an example blend file here

Blend file:

The faces i’m referring to are the two planes behind the gun.

I noticed a strange behavior. If i delete all faces EXCEPT for those on the planes, they show as blue once i project-unwrap them. If i select all faces (the planes and the gun) and project them, the plane faces show up as cyan.

For some reason, the “stretch-ness” of those planes seems to be linked to the faces in the gun, even though they are not connected in any way.

You have thew stretch set to Area. Scale those two planes and you’ll see it turn to blue. If you set the stretch to angle you’ll see that they are blue.
Did you unwrap with Project from View (Bounds) as this changes the objects shape to fit the area.


I unwraped them via the normal project from view, not the one with bounds.

I could scale them around until it turns blue, but then they would actually be stretched, as they will no longer be the proper aspect ratio. Its also funny how if i delete the weapon and proceed to unwrap them, they show blue. kinda makes the stretch visualization a tad unreliable