Stretching hassles


I’m trying to get a long lip bone to stretch to a small location bone. Trouble is every time I try to set the bones stretch, it rotates at awkward or backward angles, and moves joined bones.

Can anyone advise a noob please, or guide to me a video on 2.5.3



OK, I’ve worked out that the target is actually the name of the object you want to stretch, not the object your targeting to stretch TO.

I’m trying to translate the 2.4.9 tutorial from here…

Edit. Oops, posted the wrong /URL

Now I’m trying to ‘lock in’ the stretch to a bone that I can use to manipulate the lips, but it doesn’t work.

I’ve uploaded the file to the address below, so if anyone would care to look at it for me, much appreciated.

The lower lip is an extruded set, the upper lip created as separate bones and joined (the lower lip is a real pain joined up the way it is, but I’m experimenting.)

Regards, & thanks


Back again.

For other newbies.

I was completely wrong, the target is the bone you’re aiming to connect to, just that the target has to be entered under both target and bones. The stretching part is what’s selected, and it has to be selected in pose mode. In pose mode Blender allows you to add a constraint (Stretch To) after the bone name menu.

Bones also have to be joined whilst in Object mode, and joined by the ‘Bone’ selection.