Stretching in real time ?

Is there a way to do real time stretching with Blender game engine ?

stretching of what?

and what is wrong with the size ipo curves?

Maybe like on Mario 64 on the start thing with the huge Mario head that you can click & drag on various parts to stretch them.

I don’t know if that is currently possible, even with python.

Don’t think it could be done with bones, do you ?

Well I know that when you turn the camera with the camer bug fix script really fast in cirkels, the screen gets stretched in width, while the lenght is becomming smaller. :-?

I once though of making a tool for myself to quickly create faces just like in Sims 2 using bones to deform the face. The only problem is that how could I save the deformed face for later use?

save the pose

and if you want a non-armature deformed mesh use the apply deformation script [ in the mesh menu]

I know, I’m not stupid! :smiley:

I meant that how could I save the mesh so that it would keep deformed even if it is not a child of any armature? Sorry for stealing your post Al_Capone! :smiley:

Hey, this post was dead to begin with, tell me more, I’m interested in a option. Armature only work with pulling right ? They can’t be push ?

Push? I’m not sure I get where you are going with this? ´

Bones can be moved, rotated and sized in all axes and also have IK (Inverse kinematics) so that other bones can affect the mobility of A bone. That’s all, I think.

Stretch so when a object is inserted it will stretch apart allowing the object to go in.

Ok, I’m trying to figure this armature thing out, I think that vertex will have to be sign to independent armature, but I don’t know how this should work. Anyone here can tell me some steps on how to make a object stretch with armature ?

As far as I know, armatures can influence “vertex groups” so as to cause a character’s arm to flex. These are movements that, in the human body, are accomplished by bones; hence the name.

Other body movements are accomplished by muscles alone: smiles, grins, and Tex Avery stuff. These types of things, as far as I know, are to be done using Relative Vertex Keys … “morphing.”

To use RVKs, you would define first the starting (“rest”) position for the thing, and then you would define each final stretched position (“a pose”). Having done that you can then mix pose(s) together in arbitrary amounts to cause the object to stretch any way you like.

The vertex-movements exerted by RVKs can be combined with movements induced by bones, just as you can smile while turning your head to one side.

In the Tex Avery cartoons, the effect was achieved not only by astonishing distortions of the characters and faces, but also by creative use of camera-position and lens openings, all of which can be controlled by IPOs. When the mouse Jerry dropped an anvil on the cat Tom’s tail, and Tom reacts (to a nice klaxon “ah-OOga!”), not only does Tom’s face turn to rubber but the camera also flips in very-close and the lens goes very-wide… adding more distortion to the final shot but doing so in a believable way.

You can choreograph almost anything in Blender.

Tom and Jerry was done by computers ?

And uh, what exactly would you need something like this for?

Well, I, um, it’s best if I don’t say :smiley:

Hmm…Thought so… :wink:

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Ok, I think I got this thing figure out, now just some small question “Can this be place with snap” and “How would I use this with real time game ?” Here’s an example of it

Note, go into pose mode, select both the scale. I want it to morph that way but instead of scaling it will just move the two in the opposite direction.

Ok, I redid the armature then try to see if it will work in realtime mode, but it doesn’t, can anyone tell me whats wroung ? Not use the up and down key to move the object.