Stretching of procedural texture on surface

I am creating a stained glass texture over a simple surface but as you can see in the blend file attached, the texture is stretching starting at the 2 third of the mesh up to the top. Normally it should be even over all the mesh?

Can somebody tell me what is wrong with my setup?

I did check with a flat not curved mesh and the texture is correct so it is the curvature that distort the texture generated by the nodes
Here is the test next to the original texture.
Is there a way to keep the texture evenly distributed over the mesh using the nodes and keeping the curvature?


When you deform the plane, you “generate” some Y value of the generated coordinates.

In this case, you should use UV for 2D voronoi instead.

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Right! You are right… It’s the UV the drives the mesh… Great! Thank you very much for that solution… Have a great day.;

thanks for the tip…

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