stretching or bad(?) mapping

Hi everybody,

I am currently UV unwrapping one small metal piece and I have been dealing with the islands of the UV map, trying to make them look good and to avoid stretching. The thing is that the UV grid shows nicer in the model when there is stretching on the island, but there is stretching… what can I do?

Thanks in advance!

Does your object have a scale of 1,1,1?

Ok, it turns out it wasn’t. I applied the scale to reset it and now that island is showing correctly while others are stretched, which makes complete sense according to how the texture is shown.

Thanks a lot!

PS: Do you happen to know a good tutorial that covers UV wrapping more in depth? I had no clue the scale could be an issue. What i learnt from UV wrapping comes from Blender Guru’s Anvil series tutorial.