Stretching & Tearing cloth

Hi all,

Just wanted to share this great technique from @Syziph. I ran into this issue this week and put a call out on Twitter for solutions. I got a few back and decided to do a short tutorial showing what Syziph came up with. It’s a great idea! Hopefully it helps out some more folks!


Update: Blender artist Lawrence Jaeger took this technique a little bit further. He also posted his tutorial, check it out at the link below. Really cool to see this technique improving!

Thanks for sharing Sean. always has interesting posts. Some of the tutorials are extensive and make one wonder how you find the time, energy and inspiration to make those. Natron compositing is the latest example of that, which makes a lot of other tutors look like bunch of lazy bastards :slight_smile:

“I called up some actors…” - As you do - “… found a location, and went out to shoot a scene that replicates the shots from The Last Ship”.

Hahahaha, thanks, JA12. Finding time and energy is tricky sometime, for sure, but the inspiration is easy. Everything I know about Blender I’ve learned from the community, so it’s just my little way of giving back a bit. :slight_smile:

It would be great to see how Blender users will put into use these techniques.:RocknRoll: