Stretching tiled textures

Hi everybody,
I’m relatively new to blender (about a month) and totally new to BlenderArtists so this is my first post and i want to cheer everybody here for the great community that you have built.
I’ve read a lot of posts here to find answer to common question arised using blender and now i decided to register to partecipate actively to the community.

Now i’d like to ask help for texturing a building.
I’d like to use a tiled texture (a simple bricks texture) to make the building appear as if it was made of bricks (all with the same size). I’ve created a simple material with this texture and i’ve applied it to the building wall. But some walls are separated in different objects so the effect i got is that textures are stretched to the walls and bricks seems to have different size for each wall… (I have added an attachment picture to show better the problem).
I found that i can change Xrepeat and Yrepeat values from the texture buttons panel (map image group), but in my case this is difficoult to use because i should specify explicitely how many times the texture should be repeated.
So I want to ask if there’s a way to made the texture repeats automatically to the whole length of the surface without stretching.

English is not my mothertongue so I hope i was almost clear :eyebrowlift:

Thanks for reading.


this is a really rough way to do this but if you select all the walls and press ctrl+j you can join the meshes then set the texture map to to “Cube”

Or make an empty and use Object mapping type. With plane it generally gives me what I need.

It works perfectly! :yes:
Changing the plane size will set the tile size… very good :wink:

Thankyou very much Divine Rage…

Thanks to Brados too