stride bones

im very interested and confuzzled by the stride feature but cant seem to find a good tutorial of how it works, all i realy need is either a tut or a example file that shows how it works or some one here can tell me,

Gimble’s stride bone tutorial. At no extra charge, includes bonus tutorial on setting up Bassam Kurdali’s reversed bone foot rig.

i got the stride to works good and thanks for the link my only problem is when i make a path for the character to walk on the walkccycle gets faster the longer i make the path is there a way to make how fast the character walks???

You have to add an ipo curve speed to the path .
With this ipo you can control how fast the character will walk along the curve .

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i did that but when i make the path longer it dosnt stay constant it just gets faster

Select the Path and in the Curve and Surface tab increase the PathLength.


If you want the speed to be always the same , you have to change the ipo curve type to linear in the ipo window menu bar “curve–>interpolation mode–>linear” , or just press “t” and choose linear.

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that works great but the slower i make the walkcycle the shorter it gets and then he will walk a ways and then just slide the rest of the way

i fixed it , found out that the problem was that i was setting the frame length of the walking on path in the ipo to 400 frames but i didnt change the nla strip length to 400 frames so all fixed