Stride has problems with mesh.

Hi all, I got the walk cycle working for my armature. Now I have a mesh that has this armature. I did the usual stride etc and my armature walks nicely. But the problem is that the mesh stays at the same place and behaves weirdly. How do I get mesh moving along with armature? Thanks in advance for the help…

Is this only once you press the Stride button?


I think the problem is something different. I figured out what is happening: My armature has 2 components, above waist and below waist. Both armatures have root at waist. Above waist component starts at waist and the bones are extruded upwards and similarly the below one, bones are extruded downwards.

So, when I setup walk cycle, in pose mode, the root of both components have z movement also (eg., the bones have upward movement as cycle reaches the high-point). So when the cycle reaches high-point, the shirt goes up at shoulders and the hands of the shirt go only slightly up, giving a weird shape at shoulders. Basically the mesh is not moving up uniformly.

Oops… extremely sorry for this post… it is problem with my skinning.