Stride Path problem using constraints


Please help, I can’t figure out following weird stuff:

I have my character following a path using stride path and it works a dream, but:

All bones that have contraints on them (locked track etc) move erratically when stride path is toggled “ON”. E.g. the eye brow lids don’t follow their parent (spine bone). When I select a bone in pose mode and then select one of the transorm handles, everything gets solved to the right state. But 1 frame later, same problem occurs. It looks like the stride bone feature overrules constraint solving. When I delete the constraints in pose mode, all is OK.

see blend file:

press ALT-A, look at the eyebrows and you know what I mean.

Thanx, guys

Don’t know why but your bones eye.r and eye.l are moving relative to the lid bones and they are pulling the eyes out of their sockets. I’ll look some more at it tomorrow.


Thanx, I hope tou can shed some light in the darkness