strighten vertexes on an edge

is there a way to make vertexes across an edge stright, by using two other vertexes?
what i mean is if you have an edge with several vertexes, is there a way to align them without any deleting or reconstructing?
in this case i know you can select all, and scale them across Z and X to 0, but in many other cases that wont work unless you use local normals, witch might not always point in the direction you want it to.

lets say by selecting this vertexes, is there a way to align all of the vertexes in between?

select primer points(end) the ctrl-alt-spacebar(cust orient), then shift-s(cursor to selected), then set the pivot point to cursor, then select verts to straighten, then press “s” “shift-z” “shift-z” “0”

ahh didnt know about the CTRL ALT Space :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile: