Strike Group 12 - Space Carrier Challenge

Entry for 12th CGBoost challenge with the theme ‘Space Carrier’. Blender 2.8, rendered with Cycles 256 samples + denoising, using procedural textures only, some post-pro in GIMP. Plating and greebles are hard-modeled (self made).

Clay render :

Individual render of the Carrier :

Actually had made another concept (in 2D as well 3D block out) featuring large cargo vessel in docking yard, but discarded it as I realized I might have to spend time more on detailing the environment rather than the ship itself which should be the focus, so, I went then with the military carrier in a cruise concept.

For the second concept I did the blocking out directly in 3D starting from the middle section (launch bay) and gradually add more sections to the front and rear. I chose a long overall shape rather than a wide one, and engines at the rear.

Once the main ship was done, at first I attempted a more dynamic scene in battle where the carrier launched swarms of semi-autonomous drones to an adjacent enemy ship, but the drone sizes were too small to be noticed amidst the starry background, then tried out glowing photon missiles instead (array+curve mods) but the result was not too satisfactory, so finally went with classic fleet-in-a-cruise scene, compensating it with escort ships and fighter jets around (had to do more ship designs though).

To made it not too static/boring, I added a portal/gate behind the fleet to portray an arriving group of ships through it. However, after I saw it again, it might also unintentionally looked that the main carrier ship is dragging along behind it a massive glowing orb object, which made it more relevant to the theme, so I left it with multiple interpretation possibility there. Overall, I really enjoyed designing the ships and especially the theme.