String simulation

Just got some free time and started to work on with my spring script… now new mode: strings! dunno yet but maby could be extended to cloths or general softbody simulation witout collision detection though.

any comments welcome!

This is the basics of what I’m EXACTLY looking for in Blender!!!
I’ve got a project involving cloth animation, not physically acurate one or very precise, but just like your videos, a bit of delay while following the main body. But the collision detection might be hard to obtain, then…
In any case, I love your work dude!!!

if all the cloth people got together I’m sure they could pull off something awesome!-- have you got in touch with theeth or anyone else?

whoo, so any change to give us the opportunity to play around?

Would your script be able to handle the two ends of the string attached to something and the middle part just dragging along in the middle… like jumping rope?

thank you all!

miffwhite: no I haven’t been in contact with anyone

dotblend: well maby later… it’s still too specific & you really can’t do so much with it… so after I have time to develope it some more… :wink:

plunneberg: yea I have been thinking of that myself… now it has three modes: spring & 2 string modes… maby the next will be jumping rope.

very impressive. This might be useful for animating hair.

oh shit yeah, thats the stuff!!!

I can already see this beeing implemented on cloth like a cape for example. Nice work. Cant wait for further progress :slight_smile:

Well that is just really cool, I can think of all kinds of uses for that. :smiley: :smiley:

cool idea, i hope you realease it soon!