strip-line-effect, how to?

I downloaded this file from
when render, I get the following pic. Plz note there is no line stripped on the floor and there is kinds of camera shake.
1.How can I get this effect in Y-direction without rotate my scene?
2.How can I control the line gap between stripped line?

That’s not actually an effect at all; that’s an animation rendered using fields. It’s designed for display on TV, where the picture is built up using the even lines and then the odd lines (or vice versa) – this is called interlacing. If you have motion, it looks bad if you render the whole image at once; the delay between fields will make things look jerky.

If you’re not sure that you understand interlacing, check out .

Check out this tutorial (I found it by accident when I searched for “interlace” on Google) if you want to achieve a similar effect.